The Rainwater Hotel®

The Rainwater Hotel® is a demonstration project, which goes way beyond LEED certification and Living Buildings. We repurpose grid waste into different mechanicals and finishes, giving The Rainwater Hotel® maximum sustainability.


The Rainwater Hotel® is designed to house and execute ECOsmarte Dealer training year round. This dealer training will not only include ECOsmarte water technology, but also training on rainwater reuse, green construction methods, grid tie solar, upcycle technology, among other sustainable design concepts.

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Recycle, Repurpose, Upcycle Construction Design Methods

This is REPURPOSE and UPCYCLE Technology that goes beyond anything LEED certifications can offer and presents a serious challenge for sustainable developers. The Rainwater Hotel® is a registered trademark of ECOsmarte Planet Friendly, Inc and is located on I 494 at the Mall of America exit next to the MSP Airport.

ECOsmarte Water Technology

The Rainwater Hotel® is equipped throughout with ECOsmarte's chemical-free, salt-free water technology.

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Beyond the Grid Technology

The Rainwater Hotel® is designed to house dealers that visit Mpls/St. Paul for training and to demonstrate "BEYOND THE GRID" construction methods. Room tours will be available in 2015 to showcase recycled glass, copper, aluminum, and leather finishes (among other things).

Repurpose and Upcycle

A 70KW grid-tie solar system, induction cooking, and a swim against the current spa is available for Hotel guests -- no salt or chemicals of course. Each suite is 1400 sq ft and is designed as a fully contained ECO living environment.