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Recycled Aluminum, Copper, and Brass

Recycled Glass Countertops and Flooring

Recycled Plastic Decking

Recycled Leather Flooring and Wall Coverings

Radiant In Floor Heat

Recycled Glass Block

Rainwater Recirculation System

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

LED Lighting

Quad Pane Windows

PaperStone Sustainable Surfaces

Natural Gas Back-Up Generator

Induction Appliances

Green Roof

ECO by Cosentino® Countertops and Flooring

Reverse Osmosis System

Ecosmarte Swim Against The Current Bottled Water Spa

Freshwater Aquarium Monitor

Ecosmarte Zero Backwash RV System

Ecosmarte Whole House City or Well Water System

Ecosmarte Chemical-Free Pond

Ecosmarte Spot Free Home Carwash

Ecosmarte Rain Barrels

Ecosmarte Chemical-Free Waterfall

Conventional Metered Valve Water Softener

Blu World Water Wall with Ecosmarte Technology

Ecosmarte Turbo Pool System

Ecosmarte Fully Programmable Pool System

Solar Panels